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After suggestions and inquiries from the public as to a lighter and more affordable alternative for rollover protection to the LifeGuard, our team got together and developed the QuadGuard early 2019. This consists of a one-piece moulded plastic device, which is fitted to the back of an ATV bike like the original LifeGuard.

Quad Bike Crush Protection

While being slightly less flexible than the original LifeGuard, the QuadGuard is still passive and much more forgiving than a steel bar if it hits the rider.

After undergoing various tests with this new product, and examining its capability reacting to different weather conditions and terrains, the QuadGuard proved to be a successful invention. Releasing the QuadGuard to the market in late 2019 proved its potential with immediate uptake from customers around NZ, satisfying the demand for a cost-effective rollover protection alternative.

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