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ATV LifeGuard is home to the renowned LifeGuard crush protection device. The LifeGuard is a flexible arc, commonly known as a Roll Bar, CPD (crush protection device) or OPD (operator protection device) that mounts on the rear carrier of a quad bike (ATV), providing space under an upturned quad in the event of a rollover. The LifeGuard is award-winning and a world first in quad bike safety – designed to save lives and prevent major injury. And it works.

Quad Bike Crush Protection

The LifeGuard is was a revolutionary design in the fact that is flexible and has the ability to deform or deflect in shape if it comes in contact with a person’s body or limbs, yet it is not able to collapse altogether. This means it can hold the back of the quad up off the ground sufficiently to help prevent the rider from being crushed underneath.

If the LifeGuard lands on or comes in contact with the rider it depresses at the point of contact, moulding around the object but increasing in vertical strength with one side or both sides helping to take the weight off the person, while still supporting the quad. This is the main feature of the invention which can help save from serious injury or death. Also because of its flexible nature, it is quite possible for a person to free themselves and prevent them being trapped underneath. It will provide space under the quad, spreading the weight and making it quite possible to push the bike off you.

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The LifeGuard project began in 2010 when we started following roll bar issues and the concerns from Safety Authorities about ATV injuries and deaths. Motorcycle manufacturers in USA strongly discredited roll bars due to the injuries they say that can be caused by them in the event of an accident and they effectively stopped their use. Behind this was also litigation issues that could arise from accidents. Since this happened, statistics have shown that there has been an increase in serious injuries and deaths on ATV’s.

Safety Authorities in Australia and New Zealand are looking for answers and have now agreed that the research from the US Motorcycle manufacturers was flawed because the findings were based on computer models that failed to simulate real accidents. The industry needed answers urgently and when the concept of a segmented arc held by cables, very strong, flexible but unable to collapse was discovered, we immediately saw it as a possible solution.

A passive roll bar. A bar that would support an overturned quad, providing crush protection, but a lot less likely to cause injury if coming in contact with the rider. This roll bar would also contradict and negate the arguments from the Motorcycle Manufacturers. This is where the ‘LifeGuard’ started and development, prototypes and testing began in August 2011.

After rigorous testing the LifeGuard was ready for market and in January 2013 we had sold our first. Fast forward to today where we have sold thousands of LifeGuards to locations worldwide, which in turn has saved lives and helped prevent serious injury.

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