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Ag-Tech Industries is a family business based in Dargaville, New Zealand. With our own engineering workshop and fabrication capabilities, along with our valued suppliers, we’ve got the ability to make a variety of products, and currently have three main brands. TRAX Equipment, Solar-Shield, and Safeguard..

Our Brands

Ag-Tech Brands

Ag-Tech Industries – we’re manufacturers based in New Zealand, and are the home of three brands: TRAX Equipment, Solar-Shield and Safeguard. Our products include ATV & UTV accessories, quad bike crush protection devices, weather protection canopies, machine bellows, and protective post padding. We manufacture most of our products ourselves from our purpose-built factory, along with importing some products to complement our product range, then sell these throughout New Zealand as well as exporting to Australia, England, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

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Ag-Tech’s History

Ag-Tech Industries originally started out as ‘Ranchware’ manufacturing leather stock horse saddlery. This was a successful mail order business until horses were being replaced by the ATV. This called for a change of direction and in true innovative style, the ‘Quad Pod’ was invented. This was the beginning of the ‘TRAX Equipment’ brand and a new line of products including windscreen, roof and side door cover for ATV (quad) and UTV (side by side) bikes.

Following on from past experience in the outdoor shade trade, Ag-Tech Industries went on to develop outdoor canopies under the ‘Solar Shield’ brand, specialising in custom made canopies to help provide solutions for better weather protection in schools, residential and industrial areas. These were, and still are, designed and manufactured in the Ag-Tech Industries factory, with each Solar Shield made completely unique to suit the location, customer preferences and local regulations.

Innovation is in our blood, and has been since 1972

when founder Vernon Suckling got into business.

Since then we’ve developed many unique products, including the world’s first flexible roll bar for quad bikes, which was a revolutionary design.

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Meet Our Team

There’s twelve of us, a skilled and diverse bunch, driven by the motivation that satisfying our customers’ needs is a team effort. Our team draws on broad industry experience, each member with their own valuable skills and knowledge. The business itself has been around for nearly 50 years, innovating and fine-tuning its products during this time.

We value all our team members and do our best to make everyone feel included and a vital player in our business. Each one part of a bigger system that is committed to providing our customers with good products, delivered on time.

Team at AgTech

Lincoln, Sean, Kerry, Weston, Vernon, William, Mark, Kase, Savana, Annalee, Shannon. Absent; Mark

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide good products delivered on time.

Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles that dictate our behaviour and actions. They create an unchanging guide, along with helping us to determine if we are on the right path and fulfilling our goals.

  • Accountability:responsible and accountable
  • Gratitude:appreciation and thankfulness
  • Teamwork & Trust: cooperative and reliable
  • Enthusiasm:eagerness and passion
  • Cheerfulness & Consistency:happy and predictable
  • Honesty:the quality of being honest
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